Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One Stop Shop

Eeeck, Refin is now getting into the mortgage business.

Okay, they list for less, offer discounts if you choose one of their buyers agents to help you. Now, they are going into online mortgage biz as well.

I've seen discount brokers come and go. I've worked with a few, well, maybe only one, Redfin buyers agent referral....and she truly wasn't very good. When her buyers went to sell their house a couple years later....they chose a different agent to list their home...and not with Redfin.

So, now they are going into mortgage.

I have clients that love the Redfin search engine site. But, funny, they are listing and buying with me!

I just don't believe in giving up my hard earned money right up front. It gives me no wiggle room to help those that really, truly, need the help later in escrow. Zero wiggle room. And, quite honestly, as we say....how the hell are these people going to work hard for you if they are willing to give up .....their personal income.....right up front?

Ugh, yes, it's a tad of an annoying subject matter.

So, back on the new item they are adding......do you really think the mortgage lender is going to be working hard for you either? If they are giving up income....are they getting it another way? Like bumping up your interest rate to make it on the back-end? Hmmmmm????

I'm sorry, I'm a firm believer in trusting what is known. Work with a Realtor that you've found to be trustworthy, one that your friends/family/co-workers, have found to be hardworking and honest. Am I the only one?

And, arranging a 1/4 million, 1/2 million, 1 million.....THIRTY YEAR mortgage with an unknown?

Sheesh. I'm not for that, not at all.

You let me know what you think.....about this fishy idea!

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