Monday, January 2, 2017

All This Whining About Millennials!

I'm focusing on housing. The whining about how difficult it's going to be for Millennials. How their desire to be a homeowner has fallen.

I may get slack for this...but sheesh! It was really hard when I was their age to get a home too. Hard for my mom, when she was a single mother of three, to find a home.

Each generation, Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Greatest Generation, Gen Y (that's some made up one)....they all had some type of struggles. Every single one of them.

Why are we so focused on the M gen? I honestly don't know.

Well, maybe because they seem to be the biggest/longest generation. Maybe because all of us Baby Boomers are their parents? Maybe because the technology of 'their' generation is talking about them?

I am laughing as I'm writing this. But, really, let's stop whining about them, about who they are, about their expectations. They have to make their way. Just like we did. They will buy a home, when they can afford to buy a home. They will have children, when they want to have children. Just Like We Did. They will find their way in the world....just like every generation has before them.

Each with struggles, some worse, some better. All with something that created who they are. Made their name in history.

For me, and anyone related to housing...let's just help them when they are ready. That's the best we can do. No blood squeezed from a turnip (or is it a stone?) over here. I'll be ready when they are.

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