Friday, July 31, 2015

Copy in Your TC? Is That MY Job?

It's a bit of a complaint post today. So, if you don't want to read my annoyance, stop reading now.

I had a Transaction Coordinator (aka TC) at some point in my career. She went to go work full-time and I decided I didn't need that luxury item any longer. Not that I wouldn't like it, but I stay on top of stuff so much that I'd be staying on top of them too & that's not something I want in my life.

But, other agents are forced by their company to use a TC, and others just have huge amounts of work that they must have a TC. Well, they appear to have huge amounts of work. I can't be certain.

Every once in a while I end up in a transaction with an agent that says "Please copy my TC in on everything". Um, I can't remember who has a TC, who that TC may be, and don't feel it's my responsibility to make sure that TC gets everything.

Or I get a TC that says please send something to them on a particular file that I've already sent to the Agent, who's getting paid, on that sale.

Hmmmm. So, I kinda put my foot down a bit today. Softly, but did. I ask the agent representing the buyer 'Where's the executed disclosures?' She asks me to text her TC.

Really? Um, no.

So, I very politely say I'm too busy to keep track of your TC. I'll let you follow up on that. And, she, of course, says she will.

If you've got a TC, it's your job to make sure they do what they're supposed to do, not mine. I've got my own job to do. I am not getting paid to do yours, nor your TC's.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dual Representation ~ Thoughts?

Dual Agency is formed when the buyer and seller are represented by the same agent or even just the same broker.

Realty Executives Canyon Country is buyers agent on one of my, Realty Executives Valencia, listings. Dual agency is formed.

The one with the same broker is okay in my book. And, even the one with same agent doing both.....pretty much okay.

How many times have I done it? As buyer and sellers agent, less than a handful of times in 13 years. As a dual agency due to broker being one and the same for buyer and seller agent? Probably a couple dozen.

But, let's think about it. The agent for the seller is now the agent for the buyer. They are committed to getting the seller the most amount of money and have a fiduciary responsibility to that client. But, now they are representing the buyer too? That's where the agent really needs to step back a bit and present information without any suggestions whatsoever. Which is really challenging. We've got to educate our clients based upon our experience. Knowledge of the community and Real Estate in general.

I know lots of agents that like dual agency. Keeps more money in their pocket. I've done them when I'm trying to offer a discount to seller, but I prefer not to.

Fortunately I've not had any repercussions from the dual agencies I've formed. I wonder if other agents have, or just been lucky so far.

Think about it before you consider asking for Dual Agency Representation. Make sure you understand the entire situation before you choose to go that route. The route with one person handling two very different clients in the same transaction.

It creates a 2 headed little sheep situation!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Looking For A New Career? We Are Going To Need More Appraisers!!

Met with a couple of Appraisers this week. Listing agent, the way I was trained over a dozen years ago, is the one that meets the Appraiser at the property to gain entrance and answer any questions they may have. Provide upgrades not seen. Age of any upgrades, the newer the better.

Both of the people I met were close to retirement age. One I'd met before and he had said he wanted to retire. Had brought his son in and was training.

And there is the reason for this post. It's hard to get the training. An upcoming Appraiser in training has to find a mentor to 'tag' along with. There is some sort of costs associated with that training. Or, if I'm not mistaken, a reduction of income somehow, for the one doing the mentoring. If there is any income at all.

With the market mess a few years ago, Appraisers were placed into a management company pool to get job orders. Needless to say, that's more hands in the cookie jar.

Which, of course, means less money to be made doing appraisals. Which then means, less likelihood of a newbie getting the mentoring required easily.

So, the National Appraisal Congress formed the Society of Young Appraisal Professionals. They are going to push hard to recruit the newbies as the elder ones are definitely closer and closer to retirement. 

On the flip side....once more & more retire? Supply & Demand? Wouldn't that then make it cost more for an appraisal? As they would be fewer and fewer?

Not quite sure how this will all pan out. But, if you've been looking for a new career, consider being an Appraiser. We're gonna need them!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Inspections, Inspections, Inspections!

There are the standardized inspections, and then there are further inspections. As a Realtor, I have to guide my clients when a further inspection may be needed.

Today we just finished a Sewer main inspection, camera, video, monologue as well!

Older home where the prior occupant is deceased. We are buying from the trust who, although is the daughter of the deceased, has never lived there. Records can be sketchy, unknown is a big variable.

So, after looking at the standard inspection report, we brought trusted handyman in to review some items of concern. He, and buyers, felt pretty confident in him completing many of the repair items.

The Sewer main was a big unknown though. House is over 50 years old. There was an obvious tree that had been cut down to the stump in front yard. Cracking of the driveway led us to believe there may have been root invasion. Question was.....did it damage the sewer line as well?

So, due to my experience, I have a trusted Sewer Inspection company! Buyers and myself met with them this morning and had the pleasure of looking at the 'debris' in the main! But, the greatest pleasure is seeing no significant defects, a clay pipe vs a metal pipe, and a strait shot to city connection in the street instead of any turns near tree roots!

I love my job....wouldn't want to do theirs all day though!

Friday, July 17, 2015

What's Meant To Be, Will Always Be

I tell clients this all the time. The right house will come along. Patience is a virtue. What's Meant To Be Will Be.

Couple very near and dear to my heart, first time home buyers. Worked very hard to be ready for home ownership. Very, very hard. Did everything their lender told them to do.

Gotta tell you though. Patience is not one of their virtues!! It was up to me and their lender to keep reminding them about that thing called patience.

They were in a highly competitive price point for Single Family Residences. We had even looked at condos/townhouses. We looked outside of their desired communities. But, I kept bringing them back to where they wanted to be.

Write an offer, rejected. Write another, rejected. Write a third and a fourth.....rejected. We wrote the absolute best we could possibly write each and every time.

First offer house contacts me 3 weeks into escrow, buyer couldn't get their loan!!! Oh darn, poor buyers...... NOT!!! This is how my husband and I got our current home!

So, I ask her was she calling all the other offers? She said she liked me and was calling me first. I work very hard for my clients, am OCD (a bit), and she saw that. She'd be blind not to!

So, this morning we opened escrow. Already have just about everything we need, buyers deposit is in. Prior inspection report was completed by an inspector that I know. So far so good.

I think we're pretty much just gonna sit back and process paperwork until lender says let's close this baby!!!

It appears this home found it's way back to my buyers!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Be Courteous To Your Fellow Realtors

When working with other agents, it's best to be courteous at all times. Me to them, them to me.

A transaction to purchase or sell a home always goes smoother if we do our job. Always more likely to want to work with that other agent again if they do a good job.....and are courteous in the treatment of my clients and I.

It is unfortunate that when the other agent wants what they want, they are very courteous. However, true colors come out when that very same agent does not give the courtesy of a reply when they no longer 'need' my client.

I have a tendency to write blog posts about what's happening with a current client. Today, it is so.

Adorable clients I'm working with. Love them to pieces. Like children to me, adult children of course!

We've got a challenging situation. Price point is competitive, to say the least. We've written several offers so far. Not even gotten close to an acceptance. Totally putting the absolute best foot forward we can.

So, one house, there is ours and only one other offer. Agent confirms receipt very quickly. Answers his phone, well used to, when I called regarding the property.

Stated that offers were being presented last night. Messaged the agent this morning to see when my buyers should expect a response. Zero, zilch, nada reply. Well, maybe he's with clients. Maybe?

So, here comes Social Media. One of my buyers peeks on good old Facebook and sees a picture of the agents for sale sign in the yard of the house we wrote an offer on......with a SOLD sign on it. And, this post was put up last night.

But, here we sit, still no response from the listing agent.
 I hope someday he brings a buyer to one of my listings. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Awesometown, & Surrounding Neighborhoods, Housing Sales Activity July 10, 2015

Here to report what's happening with home sales in little old Santa Clarita Valley!

Currently we have 764 ACTIVE listings. That includes, Single Family Residences, Townhouses, & Condos.

From Acton in the East to Stevenson Ranch in the West. North to Castaic, South to Newhall.

In contract, hanging on to the mid 600's at 657.

SOLD in the last 30 days you ask? THREE HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT! Nice!

So, we are at 2 months worth of active inventory. Only 2 measly months! Need more homes for sale! We've bumped up 20% more in closed sales. We've got the buyers out looking!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Prismatic Paint on the Exterior of Your Home?

Oh, I just don't know about that one!

Valspar Kameleon Colors have some sort of flake in them that will change the color of your home based upon the position of the sun!

The short article I read this morning says someone has already done it to their home! Surely others will follow. I think maybe in some places it will be kinda cool. In and HOA neighborhood, not gonna fly at all!!

Would you?