Friday, August 31, 2018

Tired of Accent Walls for Decorating The Wall Behind Your Headboard?

We have a wall of about 30 different small mirrors behind/above our bed. All shapes & sizes. Purchased from a ton of different places. Yes, all are Earthquake stuck to the wall for our safety. I know, not the best, but it does look pretty!

At any rate, Houzz posted some pretties that I wanted to share with you. Lots do a large piece of art above their bed. Some may have a cabinet/shelf type system. Others paint that as their accent wall.

Well heck, lookie here:

Not supposed to have your bed under a window either,
 but I do like the warmth of this one.

I supposed instead of keeping a note pad on your nightstand
 this would work for those midnight thoughts keeping you awake!

I've been called a hippie, or lover of the bohemian style...but, nope, 
I do not like whatever is going on here......

And, Ta-Da, instead of painting an accent wall....a wild wallpaper instead?
So many options!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Blokable Container Stacked Housing

It actually sounds great for what this company says they are doing. "Housing Development As A Service" Working with non-profits, religious groups, etc. to develop ways to create housing for people that can't afford traditional homes.

They did a 70 container type stacked units development in Puget Sound Washington as their first try. Apparently that's very high priced housing there.

So, I read the whole article....thought it sounded genuine. The containers are steel, can be studio's, 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms. Exterior is the same, interior is what can be changed. All are tech savvy for utilities. They are connected and can go up to 5 units high.

It didn't say how the unit owner got to a top floor,etc, but it could be a great idea. 

My two concerns: (1) The price per square foot is 150-350 (350 is no incredible bargain where I live for a real house) & (2) Since they are containers.....what's the 'shelf' life? They are steel framed, are they like my camper? Because, if they are....well, that's SUPER expensive even if at 150 sq ft. And, we know campers don't last as long as a 'brick & mortar' home.

So, more to be investigated, but wanted to share with you as I thought it was kinda cool!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I Still Love The Newbies!

I work with Sellers, Buyers, re-sale, new construction. Whatever my peeps want, that's what I help them navigate to get in or out of a home.

But, there's still a special spot in my heart for those Newbie Buyers. You know, the ones that have never, ever done anything like this before? The ones that put all their trust in you to find the perfect home that fits their budget?

I just started the preliminary work with a new couple. We've been talking for a couple months, but now we're actually trying to get approved and focus on neighborhoods.

She sends me stuff she sees online. My Realtor eyes tell her the good, bad, ugly, fabulous. Funny is, one particular one she sent me I sent back 'Let's Buy This One!' and she said that was their favorite too!

But, I don't just look at pretty for my peeps, that's what they have a tendency to do already! I look at traffic, surroundings, commutes, upgrades that still need to be finished, pricing, property taxes, and more. I've even gone and done satellite views of the street to see if the neighbors are keeping their properties in good shape or if they all have iron window grates for safety!

I treat these buyers....well, honestly all my if I was the one buying or selling....or my kid, sister, brother. My clients are like family when we are together. Just ask any of them. I don't say YOU, I say WE when we are working together. It's always WE.

And, those Newbies? They definitely do better with WE than just YOU.

I'm here for you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

August 2018, What's The Market Like?

The common question all Realtors get asked!

The market has stalled a bit here in So Cal. But, it is freaking ridiculously hot, could that be it? People would sure as heck rather be in the ocean, lake, or pool than sweating it out looking for a home...right? I sure would be!

At any rate, just keeping you informed. I am including Acton, Agua Dulce, Santa Clarita, Canyon Country, Saugus, Valencia, Newhall, Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, and Val Verde in these numbers.

Currently we have 773 active listings.

(FYI, that's some tennis shoe apparently!)

In escrow? 453.

Closed in the last 30 days, the number hit 343.

Adding to that information is that I'm seeing quite a few more reductions in list prices. Of course, when the inventory goes does the competition.

I talked with a couple of associates recently, they are seeing a lull in buyer activity too.

I'm happy that the inventory is growing. BUT, as hard as the market was when it crashed....wanna know what's even harder?

A balanced market. Where listings take a couple months to sell and sellers are frustrated. Where Buyers have more to choose from so take longer to choose.

I'm READY for it!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Dual Agency is Hard...If You Do It Right

Story of the week.....

I have an old high school friend that I hadn't seen in years. Re-connected via another old high school friend and helped him buy a beaut of a home 5-ish years ago.

Fast forward to 2018 and the family is moving away and needs me to sell their home.

Do all my prep work, suggest a list price, they want to list higher. We have a super busy open house, no offers. Two weeks in, no calls from any agents to show property. Zero, nada, zilch. We do a price adjustment.

A few days later a random buyer calls me and wants to see the home. They want to write an offer. They want me to represent them. Eeeeeck. They want to offer $xyz amount. I let my Seller know that they say they want to write and for what. He says that's great.

I prefer NOT to do a dual agency. A lot of agents love to earn the extra commission, but that's not my gig. I want to make sure I do a great job for all of my peeps, buyers & sellers.

I want them to be so happy with my service, they will hire me again.

So, I do my due diligence as if I wasn't working with the Seller as well. Send the Buyer all the comparable sales, the property profile, agent MLS sheet.

The Buyer comes back and says we want to write for 5k less. I tell Seller, say you can certainly counter offer, he chooses not to and accepts their offer.

Open escrow, Buyer chooses home inspector and termite inspector. Lots of termite work shows up, hasn't been tented in 20+ years so wasn't surprised. A few things on home inspection.

Buyer wants to ask for, in my experience, an excessive credit. He changes his mind after discussions with me. We ask Seller for a credit, he's still a bit annoyed about the 5k change in offer and now a large credit too? So, we work through that and Buyer & Seller come to an agreement on amount.

This is an all cash buyer, no appraisal, no loan. I've got all the disclosures ready, title, zone reports. Everything is ready, get through inspections, negotiations.

Smooth as silk...for the most part. Wonderful clients on both sides AND I know what's going on without having to chase another agent down. That, quite honestly, is the best part!

Am I making more money since I'm representing both parties? Yes. Am I working twice as hard? Yes. Do I have to pay my brokerage twice as much? Yep. My transaction coordinator for a double file? Yes again.

Did I give any credits to Buyer & Seller? YES!! But, I was happy to do it. Why? Because I could, and it makes them happy. That's what it's all about. Making the client happy, providing them the absolute best Real Estate experience I can. Doing my due diligence for both parties. Getting a Seller moved out & a Buyer moved in.

Tis what I do.....and, 16 years later....I still love doing it.