Friday, February 3, 2017

Ugh, How Do I Not Talk Politics?

I get news feed about Real Estate every day. From many different sites, so I don't miss anything. Local news, national news, mortgage news, anything about Real Estate I can get my hands on.

I'm so tired of politics filling those news feeds! And, I don't discuss my political opinions with anyone publicly. Nope, no way, no how.

But, I will say uh huh, yep, I hear ya....over & over again....if someone I'm with starts talking politics and then I'll change the subject...even if I have to say......'Squirrel!'


Topic of this post? I have no idea how the new president is truly going to affect housing. And, neither do you.

I'd expect a continued normalization of our local market....I'd expect. I expect our interest rates will creep up a bit more this year.....yep, I expect. I expect our inventory to climb again in the next couple of months. I expect to continue to close about 300 homes per month in little Santa Clarita Valley. I expect these things will happen based upon my 15 years experience and what I've been watching for those same last 15 years in the housing market.

But, I don't know for sure. And, unfortunately, neither do you.

You want to sell your home? Let's sell it. You want to buy a home? Let's buy one. You want to 'play' the Real Estate market? Go right ahead. I'll help you with that too. But I won't determine when the time is right for you on any of these scenarios. Only you can do that, yep, only you. You decide if politics is going to help you decide that as well.

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