Friday, November 16, 2018

Any of My Gal-Pals Wanting a 'She-Shed'??

I have a couple that we've been talking about selling their home on & off for 4 years now. They actually do have a 'she-shed'. Well, the husband may not call it that!

But, it's a great little detached building with no bathroom. I see it as super for guests, man-cave, work-out room, office, and....yes....the newest named craze....a She-Shed!

If I had that much room, and lots of young children still running around, I'd want a She-Shed too! It's a great escape from the clutter of the house. Stepping in the full-on female softness and quiet of an all girly shed would be sweet.

I'd need a small fridge, a heater & A/C, plus I'd need a little bath so that I wouldn't have to go inside the main house for long periods of time! LOL

That's pretty darn cute....but looks too much like an outhouse for my taste!

I don't want a ladder in my She-Shed, but love the crispness of this one!

My absolute fave. Love the total girlishness, 
but I'd want glass covers over that beamed roof so I could be out there in the rain.

Sweet, kinda cabinesque!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Amazon Didn't Pick My Home Town For HQ2 ~ Is That Good Or Bad?

As a matter of fact, they didn't come anywhere close to California! Let alone Los Angeles or my sweet Santa Clarita Valley.

Amazon’s HQ2 is expected to bring 50,000 jobs with an average salary of $100,000 over the next 15 years, plus more than $5 billion in investment over the span of 17 years.....and some are already complaining about what it will do to housing and infrastructure in those communities that were the winning bids.

Because, it did have quite the effect on Seattle. Home prices rose at a significantly higher rate within 5 miles of HQ1 vs. further away communities.

Well, no kidding. 

When location, location, location is what it's all about, and, all of a sudden your location becomes more desirable....prices will go up more so than other neighborhoods.

Infrastructure? Here's to hoping there are some new schools, roads, shopping, and restaurants are planned around HQ2. Without that, those communities that are on the sidelines will likely be hurt.

Thoughts? I'd love some opinions on this one & if you live near me....did you want HQ2 here?

Friday, November 9, 2018

It's a Love/Hate Relationship For Sure!

Preface this to say I hide nothing from my clients! I want them to see everything I see. I want them to be informed.

And, I don't want them to be misinformed ..... ever.

Realtors have long had a love/hate relationship with Zillow. The Zestimates were so horribly wrong for so long. (misinformation) Those are better. They contact us over & over again to buy 'Premier' status spots. Yes people, those are paid for. They started Zillow Instant Offers.....I don't care. But, now? They have spent 65 million dollars to get into the mortgage business...yes, you read that right....SIXTY-FIVE MILLION.

So, the tell-tale test will be to see if mortgage lenders will still pay to advertise on their site for leads.

See, Zillow doesn't do this for free. They 'borrow' all of our information from the local MLS's. They pile that into their site, then they work on Realtors & Lenders to get placed in higher positions for lead generation by paying Zillow.

Yes, of course, you knew that right?

Really not sure how the lenders will take this. Instant offers doesn't really affect Realtors the way this mortgage business will.

Question now? How much more than the 65 million will it cost Zillow if Realtors & Lenders finally say....Enough....I'm done with the big Z and not paying for leads anymore....

Time will tell...... For my peeps? I always say feel free to play on Zillow, do your actual searching on though...that's where the real homes for sale are.

Monday, November 5, 2018

I Sent That Two Years Ago.....

Sometimes it feels like that in Real Estate....well, at least for me.

Unashamedly I am a bit OCD. When I send someone an e-mail or a text, I expect a timely response. In everything related to Business. Leave a voice message.....same. Personal stuff can be longer of course.

I messaged an agent just before 7 am today. Zero response. Messaged her again about 3 hours later, got an immediate partial response so I immediately responded with more of my original questions. Four hours later, I'm still waiting for her reply. So, I messaged her again......and I'm waiting yet again.

It's a good thing I didn't hold my breath waiting, right?

Another agent I'm working with? My assistant and I have requested return of our documents 3 times now. Once mid last week, again this morning by both of us. Me, just another message since we didn't get any response from any of the other messages.

(Sheesh, it feels like this all too often!!)

I've missed a message or two when I'm in my car and/or wearing my fit-bit thingy. I look at my list of texts pretty regularly during the day just to double check. I check my e-mails all day long. I re-fresh my voicemail to make sure nothing got stuck in voice mail hell.

We all get busy....but as a professional, selling someones most valuable asset? We need to be more diligent.

No one is that busy.....and, as I've said before, if you are....get an assistant.

Off that soap box now.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Thinking About Moving Up, or Down, But Not Quite Sure How It Works?

For the last few years, it's been a bit challenging to move for many people.

Tons moving out of California, so they usually go temporary somewhere for a bit. Figure out exactly where they want to be, then purchase in the new state after they determine the right location.

For many here in our sweet little Santa Clarita Valley, and all of Southern California, with the low inventory we've had for years...compounded with low seller's been a challenge to move for many.

However.....this is about to be the time!

When inventory is too tight, many prospective buyers don't want to wait for you to find your replacement property. They shy away from that seller contingency. For sellers, they are reluctant to put their home on the market until they had found a house they want to move into. And, for even more sellers.....they really didn't want to take an offer from a buyer that was a seller on another property. Oh, and don't forget a lot of sellers didn't have much equity to financially be able to consider a move!

All of that make sense?

At this time though....inventory is growing. The opportunity to make a smooth transition from your old home to your new home will definitely be getting easier. More for you to look at for sure, which means buyers that love your home know you'll find a replacement property easier.

One caveat? There aren't quite as many buyers out right now, but they'll be back. And, any that are out right now? Those are the ones you want. They are not the lookie-loos if they are house hunting in this chillier season. These are the people that want to buy. We LOVE these buyers.

Questions about how selling and buying at the same time works? Just holler....I'm a wealth of experience & information, happy to share.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

My Beautiful Home is Worth WHAT???

Just a reminder story....since it happened yesterday.....figured I'd share!

Dear pals referred a seller to me. Seller had attempted to sell a few times. Several different reasons why the home did not get sold.

When I see something like that, I usually think it's the Seller's fault. This one was quite possibly not, well, not completely.

But, with that said, I had to ask a few questions, review the comparable sales, take note of location and the homes' amenities. And, then, sight unseen give the Seller a value opinion.

I offered to come view the home in person but from what Seller told me, and the photos in the MLS from prior listings for sale & lease, it was pretty apparent that his value thoughts were significantly higher than this professional opinion.

Ah, my dear sweet Zillow pal. Who, does not know what location does to a model match. Now, mind you, they have gotten better, but their 'computer' does not know the neighborhood as I do. Does not get in the car with Buyers to learn what they like & don't like.  Has not sold homes and seen values change from one model match to another.....just a few houses away.

My honesty may have cost me a listing, but a listing that is over-priced is not generally worth the headache and marketing expenses I put out to get my Sellers' homes sold.

Of course I followed up with a message this morning.....but, I'm thinking someone said they could get his price....and, that's who will get the listing.

Honesty hurts Real Estate & in real life!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Changing Up Kitchen Islands

If you read my blog regularly, you know I love sharing some ideas from Houzz!!

I've been doing a few house projects this year. Have a couple more on the list to do. One is replacing kitchen counters. Probably not for another year or two still, but, I am attracted to articles that show pretty pictures with new ideas for kitchen makeovers. Sheesh, who isn't, right!?!?!?

This one was just focused on kitchen islands. And, since my pal that made my custom doggy gates mentioned a custom cabinet build he did with a toe-kick slide out doggy eating station, one of them definitely caught my eye!

Not sure if I'd be willing to give up cabinet space. 
But, nice to not give up floor space I suppose!

I really liked this one!
The idea of one counter with two different surfaces is very appealing.
And, the warmth of the wood to eat on is awesome!

This was in the article too, and it was a big fat no for me.
I am too klutzy, and that section of the vise that sticks out?
I'd be bruised on my hip forever!