Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Story of The Week? Well, Sorta. Mostly an Appreciation Post.

One of my escrows is smooth as silk....well with a little nagging on my part.

The other, pretty smooth, until we had one small glitch that all parties involved worked on for several days to make a huge adjustment happen.

It's escrows like this that make everyone involved realize that we really are all on the same team. We all want the same outcome. One wants their home sold, the other wants to buy the home. The agents, escrow, lenders, all want to do a good job for their respective clients. We all want the home to close escrow and everyone be happy.

Today, we got to the final number. A great number for my peeps, the same, basically, number for the other peeps. Thank goodness for the escrow officer working tirelessly. Thank goodness for my client being a math guy. Thank goodness for me seeing it all on paper and double checking the crossing of the t's and the dotting of the i's!! Thank goodness for the sellers agent educating his client on the process.

No one got their feathers in a ruffle. No boxers in a wad. No panties in a bunch. 
Everyone just did what needed to be done. 
Much appreciated peeps, much appreciated indeed.

Friday, March 25, 2016

14 Years In Prison For Setting Up 'Straw' Buyers

I remember when we were buying my current home, there was some questions about a 'Straw' buyer? I said, whoa, I'm not going to do anything fraudulent. So we paid the price of an investment property interest rate (long story) and moved into our current home.

Now, I can't say how many other people did use straw buyers to purchase a home for them when they couldn't do it, for whatever reason, by themselves.

But, some woman, who had her Real Estate license for a period of time, defrauded banks to the tune of 30 million dollars for using straw buyers in the Sacramento area. The article says that 5 other people were arrested for having something to do with this lady and her scheme!

So, I am happy she is about to serve 14 years in jail. She deserves it.

straw buyer is used when the real buyer cannot complete the transaction for some reason. It is not necessarily illegal to use a straw buyer, except where the transaction involves fraud or purchasing goods for someone who is legally barred from making the purchase themselves.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pineapple Park Pot Real Estate in Desert Hot Springs

Yep, POT, aka Marijuana, has become the new 'Gold Rush' it may appear.

It was such an informative article, I'm sharing the link here:

An inventive mayor who was looking for ways to bring his town out of the red decided this was a way to do that.

I'm just not sure how I feel about it. I know there is good and bad opinions out there. Not sure if I'm personally ready to have this type of Gold Rush.


Friday, March 18, 2016

Baby Boomers Need To Still Keep Good FICO's

Funny, I have such an excellent FICO I only think it will always be that way. If, of course, I keep doing what I've been doing and don't have any catastrophes in my life.

With that said, read an article that a survey indicated Baby Boomers, me included, didn't think they needed to worry about their FICO scores as they get older. Hmmmmm, that seemed odd so I read further.

As some get older, apparently they really don't use credit cards, don't buy anything, don't think it matters since they aren't going to do a big purchase.

However, as the article clearly states. Unexpected medical expenses can happen. You may decide to co-sign on a car or home for a child or grandchild. It was a good eye-opener for me.

Best thing to do all of us Baby Boomers? (51-70) Keep using your credit cards, pay them off monthly, but keep using them. That's one of the best ways to keep your FICO scores active an up.

Be responsible, but keep charging with them!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lots of New Listings !!

I was out of town physically for almost a week but still did quite a bit of biz while gone.

Was very thrilled to see lots of new listings come on the market in Santa Clarita and our surrounding neighborhoods. Lots of them!

Figured it was time to let you know the MLS stats today. Including Acton to the East, Stevenson Ranch to the West. Castaic to the North, and Newhall to the South. All little hoods in between.

Currently we have 544 active listings. 
In escrow are 639, of which 543 are Standard Sales.
Sold in the last 30 days (closed escrow) was a measly 250!

Glad we are seeing some decent listings come on the market. We need them!

Anything you want to know about Real Estate in Awesometown and surrounding communities, just ask!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gorgeous New Ideas For Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

I personally have the traditional microwave over my stove with the stupid exhaust fan that really just pushes it back into the kitchen....supposedly after it's removed the smoke from whatever I've burned.

For those of us desiring the kitchen hood look, and we're all used to the stainless steel ones, take a gander at these:

Wood, yep wood.

Reclaimed wood, yep.

Copper, we've likely seen these too.

Foo-foo style.

My favorite. Clean. Wood. Nice!

I read the article on Houzz, if you don't get a drip from Houzz into your e-mail you're missing out! But, I hadn't thought of a wood hood ever. It definitely changes the dynamic of the kitchen. Probably make for a more Farmhouse kitchen, if you like that look. I've changed my flooring recently and it looks kinda beachy, old wharf-like. Not sure if I chose to remove microwave and put in a hood what would go with that. But, I do like the last one best!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Millennials and Their Expectations of Instant Gratification....Related to Buying a Home

Millennials, we're all talking about them.  I read an article earlier today about how difficult it will be to work with them when/ if they decide to buy a house. Why, you ask?

Instant Gratification, It's In Their Make-Up

Well, heck, I'd like everything now too.....if that was possible. I'm a true testament to the lack of patience waiting for the internet to work, having to wait to pay, fast-forwarding through time-consuming commercials to get to the good stuff on TV.

But, buying a home never has, and never will be, an item that happens instantaneously. Never, no way, no how. It just can't happen.

In my mind, this is the way Millenials will learn to slow down, take a breather. They will learn that some things in life just don't happen over night.

Buying a home is one of the biggest steps in the road to adulthood, the path of life. You wouldn't marry someone that you just met that day, right? Well, there is some dumb TV show that they do just that. Seriously doubt any of them are still married.

Some things just take time. Getting ready takes time, finding the home takes time, getting your loan takes time.....hell, moving in takes more time than people expect too!

So, you Mellenials? You who are used to getting things so quickly? I'll help you get in the home of your dreams....but it's not now, nor ever will be, going to happen instantly. Nope, not gonna!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ever Changing

I burst out laughing as I was reading a headline for one of my news feeds this morning. Some may not chuckle in the least. For me, it's just the reminder that Real Estate is never simple nor stagnant.

It's truly every changing!

The Fed rates, changing, not changing, up, down. That was the article I was smirking about this morning.

Will rates go up, will Yellen have them come down. Will the FOMC suggest an increase, will they suggest a decrease?

December they went up, the meeting already in 2016 didn't change anything.

Yellen is sketchy about where rates are going to go. For fear of a recession, concerns about worldwide economy, etc., etc., etc.

What we do know? Rates are AWESOME right now. Inventory stinks, but homes are still to be had.

The Real Estate world is constantly changing, it's your choice if you jump in now or later!