Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Home Sales

It's about that time again. When I blog about the last 30 days sales and current inventory!

SCV.....Awesometown and our surrounding communities.

Active right as of this morning?
460. 432 of those are Traditional Sellers, so 95% of the active inventory are regular people selling regular homes....if the agent has entered it in the MLS correctly.

Under Contract/Pending? i.e. in Escrow?
426. 370 of those are real people selling homes. So, that's interesting, right? About 85% are Standard Sales....so the MLS says.

And, of course, Sold in the last 30 days?
234. 222 were Standard sales....what's that 95% again? Yup, sure is.

Am I wigged out about the low inventory? No, not really. It's dang cold outside, we just finished with the holiday season.

It's only 68 days til Spring. If the inventory is this low then? That's going to be rough. But, it won't be, trust me on that. I've got a few people prepping their homes for sale in the next couple of months. I'll add to the inventory for us!

If you have questions about real estate, anywhere in Southern California, just ask!

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