Friday, May 26, 2017

Just a Story of The Week About E-Mails/Texts vs. Phones

In Real Estate all e-mails need to be kept for 3 years. Those actually are part of the transaction. Texts can be discarded. Phone calls too.

But, while I keep e-mails for important....don't tell me otherwise kind of info......texts are great for short responses.

Phone calls though? Those are important for tone. Not dial tone! Emotional, Attitude, Tone!

I'm working with an agent right now. She talks A LOT! So, quite honestly, I'd prefer to get e-mails or texts....unless I've got nothing else better to do than talk with her.

But, for some stuff, a phone call is just more important. Sometimes we can sound one way on e-mail or text, and it's entirely different than how we want to sound, so a phone call is vital to keep the transaction 'friendly'.

It's funny, not just in Real Estate....but in Real Life.....a phone call you can hear the other persons tone....e-mail and text....can be misconstrued easily.

Just sayin........

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Getting Myself Outside Again!

I re-did some seating and planting in my backyard a couple years ago. Added fountains, potted plants, a glider bench.

But I still didn't find myself sitting out there. No sipper of coffee in the mornings. Or wine in the evening.

I need to get more fresh air though!

So, I'm thinking about my back yard again. Houzz prompted me to consider some areas that just won't let me say no to getting outside and sitting in them!

What about bugs crawling around in the bushes?!?

Not so enticing to me.

Yep, I do like a fire pit.

But this....this would draw me outside!!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sales Activity for Santa Clarita Valley May 19, 2017

Keeping people in the know about home sales activity in Santa Clarita Valley and our locally surrounding communities!

Acton to the East, Stevenson Ranch to the West, Newhall to the South, Castaic to the North and all little sweet neighborhoods in between!

We currently have a whopping 531 active properties for sale. Yep, 531!

Under contract or in escrow? 699! Wowza! Lots are likely home of choice situations, 
waiting for sellers to find replacement properties to get closed on.

Sold in the last 30 days is a nice high 382!

Any questions about our local market & beyond? Just ask!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Loan Contingencies In Real Estate Contracts

Got an interesting issue and due to rules and regulations I can't get someone to move forward if they don't want to change lenders.

So, I share this story with you...

A listing of mine is in a track that has litigation. A homeowner is suing the HOA for water damage to their property.

I find out every bit of info from the HOA. I research who's been doing loans in there this year. I provide the lender for buyer a letter from the HOA's attorney...which he gives the 'thumbs-up' to and we accept offer and open escrow.

Now, on the day we are to have final loan contingency removed.....lender is stating issues with litigation.

I tell buyers agent, move your buyer over to my lender that knows he can get it done. Buyer is feeling an allegiance to his lender he says. I say what? Who cares, move that sucker over.

In the Purchase agreement it states that buyer has a loan contingency about rate, down payment, etc.....nothing about he'll only buy the property if he gets to use his lender.

But, if I say "Hey, we have a lender that can do it, you can't cancel"
.....I'm coercing him to use the lender I recommended....regardless of the fact that mine can and right now, his can't.

Ugh. I understand the coercion issue. But, if we have another choice, that can close the escrow.....why the heck wouldn't buyer jump on it?!?!?

Monday, May 8, 2017

A Couple of Valid Points About Why More Sellers Aren't Selling

I read everything I can get my hands on that is Real Estate related. I share things that I feel you may find worthy of learning or just an interesting tidbit.

We all know that our inventory is tight, tight, tight. It's hard to find a home to purchase. In the price category that everyone else is looking in that is!

Quick read of 'Why The Housing Market Is Struggling With Low Inventory' on Housing Wire today...and two very valid points were presented!

1) LOW INVENTORY ~ One of the main reasons for low inventory, is, ironically, the fear of low inventory. Homeowners are hesitant to put their home on the market as they are unsure if they will be able to find a new home in their budget once they sell theirs.

Totally understandable! But, get out there and look at what's available before you list your home. Make sure you see a few homes that are interesting for you. Don't make your replacement home desires an impossible wish though. Just like a first time buyer, get 7 out of 10. That should be achievable!

2) MORTGAGE RATES ~ As mortgage rates rise, homeowners are less likely to put their homes up for sale because they don't want to forfeit their current low interest rate.

Oh yes, totally get this one too! But, go to your trusted mortgage adviser and have them run numbers for you. See what the difference is. Decide if the next home you desire is more financially feasible than you are worried about. You just may find that an extra 50 bucks a month is worth it!

There were a couple of other points...but these were so good I had to share! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

When Looking at Your Forever Home

Things to keep in mind. I hear everything when I'm looking at homes. With people of all ages.

Anyone that is close to my age, I remind them that getting older is right around the corner & to be aware of how long they plan on staying in this home we're looking to purchase.

Reading Houzz today and it reminded me about a few things that I hadn't thought of to keep in mind when looking at a home you plan to retire in or you are considering your forever home.

The above picture is a single family residence....not an old age group home.
BUT, notice.....a full covered porch with no step to get into front door. 
Great for rain and slower moving people!

This shower is beautiful. Yes indeedy. Again though, realize (thank you to Houzz and current clients) that the lack of entrance step makes it much easier as we age to get in and out of a shower!

And open house guest pointed this out to me. Everyone....young the laundry room upstairs.....until you don't want to climb stairs anymore! 

Just some food for thought!