Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Why Do You Want To Be A Realtor?"

Met a nice young woman, well saw her after it'd been a really long time, last night. I was introduced back to her and she said she's getting into Real Estate.

I was impressed with her kindness, courteousness, intelligence at knowing to study enough & pass the exam on the first try. She did tell me she had friends that have taken it over a dozen times and still failed. I told her to tell them forget about Real Estate as a career!

So, we chatted for a bit, I couldn't recall what her current job was. A well paying, yet somewhat seasonal career. Time off that she used to get paid during, no longer being paid.

I asked her why she wanted to 'get into Real Estate'? She said she had a good friend that would do lots of big paying deals. Figured she'd do them when she had her down time from current job.

Hmmmmm, I was totally turned off after that. Completely.

We go through this all the time, new agents coming on, doing 'deals' for their friends, then going back to their regular job.

When I was first licensed in 2002, I was working 4 days a week managing a dental office. I'd talk to people on the way to the office, at my morning, lunch, afternoon breaks, and again on the way back home. I'd work with Real Estate clients on my Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday's off and any evening they wanted me!

But, I've always been in a career that helped people. When I first started heading towards Real Estate, it was to help the Dentist I was working with to revamp his practice. And, then it became a way to help other people.

Not going to say the income provided isn't a big benefit, but, I still enjoy the original reason I started....to help....to assist people in one of the most emotional decisions of their lives.

There are parts of my 'job' that are grueling, definitely, yet the smiles for keys to buyers & proceeds received by sellers.....the most satisfying....ever!

Anywhohow, while I started P/T, the reason I 'got into Real Estate' is the reason I still am a Realtor....to help people.

I'm here for you, full-time, for your needs...always.

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