Friday, August 28, 2015

An Awesome 'Hide Your Flat Screen TV' Idea!

I'm showing homes all the time, right? YES! So, I see trends in decorating, right? Oh Yeah!

This week I saw the neatest looking flat screen TV cabinet....mounted on the wall!

We are seeing so many large flat screen TV's above the fireplace, true? But, I'd never seen one of these before and neither had my clients!

This is just like the one we saw. Above the fireplace. Curiosity peaked and we opened it up to find the television mounted behind it. LOVE THIS! 

So, thinking we had found something totally new, I Googled it. Guess what? There are all kinds of them out there!

I think it's such a wonderful idea. Makes a family room with TV very quickly turn into a more formal living room for guests that aren't watching the boob tube.

Love, love, love it! What say you?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What's Housing Inventory Like In Santa Clarita?

Inventory standing pretty firm at mid 700's for the last few months.

Twice as much as a few years ago, but still less than a 'normal' market.

My search, if you're reading me for the first time, includes Acton to the East, Castaic to the North, Stevenson Ranch to the West, and Newhall to the South. Detached and Attached homes.

Currently we have 759 ACTIVE listings.

616 are showing up as in contract. Pending, or supposedly taking Back-Up offers (feel free to ask me about that designation). 116 of those are distressed properties.

Sold in the last 30 days you ask? 384. That's a bit of a bump from the last few months. I'll take it! Oh, and only 26 of those were distressed sales.

Any questions about home values, loans, where the market is going?
Just ask.

Friday, August 21, 2015

What Agent Ever Said They Were Happy To Only Have 3 In Escrow?

I did! One of my clients asked me today if I was relaxed. I said yes. A resounding yes. About 5 weeks ago I had 7 properties in escrow at one time.

To some of the bigger, team oriented, agents they have that regularly. For me, it was a lot. A lot of coordinating, nagging, reminding, checking off long To-Do lists.

Today I close another, that's 3 just this week, and I'll be down to 2 in escrow.

I love what I do. Absolutely love helping people with their home sales and purchases. One thing about Real Estate that everyone says? It's either Feast or Famine.

Fortunately it's never been famine for me, but sometimes it sure is a bit of feast craziness!

Today, I am relishing the few minutes of quiet I have. But, wait, I've got to make sure that one gets funded. Oh, and this one sends over the closing statement. And, that seller lets me show their home. This prospective seller gets their docs to review. That buyer gets their inspection report.

LOLOL. All in the life of a Real Estate agent! Phew again! Next!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Ya Gotta Pack It Anyways!

I really should have a button, that I push play, and the words come out of my mouth automatically when talking to a prospective seller!

I meet with sellers regularly, obviously. When first meeting we discuss price, how the listing and sale process works....and of course...prepping their home for sale.

Some clients it's a huge list of what to do. Some, it's de-cluttering. Some.....and those are nice, they are ready when I walk in the door! I usually wink at them and ask 'Did you do this for me?'!!

All of them, when suggesting any pre-marketing needs, I tell them 'You have to pack it anyways!'

And that, yes that, they always understand!

A home definitely shows better when there is less clutter. Small rooms show bigger. Show cleaner. They just show nicer. 

The hardest part is when a lot of the items I suggest get cleared out they use on a daily basis. Then I remind them that there are definitely items NOT used on a daily basis that can be packed away and those daily items can then be stashed away during photography shoot and buyer viewings.

All makes more sense. But still, the biggest thing I remind people is that a lot of items they have in their home can be packed neatly in boxes. This will create a lot less stress when we open escrow and they are panicking about having time to pack and move. With my previous suggestion, they are partially packed already. 

Win-Win situation!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When Someone Is Being Nice, or Are They Are Full of BS?

Some sales are just significantly harder than others. I know, I've bee-atched about this before. Honestly, I always believe it's the other agents fault when a deal doesn't go smoothly.

If that agent is educating their client correctly, it makes a big difference.

So, do an inspection, all is friendly. Buyers and sellers chatting during the inspection, the sellers both say that they don't want the living room throw rug and will leave it for buyer. You presume they are being honest, being generous, being nice.....right?

No reason to add personal property, offered for free, in a Real Estate Purchase think.

Well, we sure hope so. A lot has gone to crap since then. Agent and his assistant have gone incognito for days at a time. Things weren't disclosed properly. HOA's didn't approve of work done in back yard.

We worked through it, but it was like pulling teeth to get things done!

We are due to close escrow on Thursday. Walk through yesterday....several things need to be addressed prior to closing. We notice that purty rug is rolled up like it's ready to go. We tuck it in the corner. Buyer has the sellers phone number and she pops him a text letting him know we tucked it in the corner so it doesn't accidentally get taken by the movers and thank you so much for leaving it.

No response at all. Zero, zilch, zip, nada.

So, was that BS, are we misunderstanding, did they change their mind? Unfortunately for my buyer and myself....we're thinking this is total BS. BS. We shall see on Thursday!

Friday, August 7, 2015

When Are Interest Rates Going Up?

Who the heck knows! Reading again this morning about the Feds, unemployment, interest rates.

Everything shows we should see a hike in home loan rates due to the way our economy is apparently recovering. But, we are still amazingly low and have been low for a very long time.

However, if rates go up housing prices appreciation will cool down a bit. I don't think our pricing is out of control. We have increased inventory in my market area, so that's helping keep it somewhat at bay.

I can only say, that if rates go up, home prices are still going to go up. Maybe a tad slower, but still go up.

Ask your favorite lender to do the math for you. 

How much your home will cost at current rates,
 vs. how much it may cost with a 1/2 % or 1 % increase in interest.
Then, you decide what gamble is worth taking.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Millennials Are Cutting Corners to Save For Home

Well this was one of the most interesting articles read today!

These little children of ours, the 24-34 year olds, are acting like us when it comes to buying their first home. LOVE IT!!!

Survey done says that 65% of them will forgo modern conveniences to save for a down payment. Give up the internet, cable TV, Starbucks, and even cell phones! WOW! No Starbucks? Love it again!

Interesting too is that 75% of them would prefer to use a traditional bank vs. a mortgage broker. Talking about taking after their elder parents and grandparents. Wow.

They also said they would pay more for efficiency in the mortgage process. Would avoid the online lenders....even though the Millennials are so internet savvy. Smart kids!

But grab this, while they are single they love the urban lifestyle, right? However the survey noted that about 70% of those polled would rather live in the suburbs!

Those Millennials are turning out to be a very bright bunch!