Friday, January 20, 2017

New House Decorating/Design Ideas For 2017

I was reading an article on Houzz this morning about 28 new & upcoming ideas for the home that seem to be in the forefront of designers for this year.

Some were good, some were already touched on....some were just awful....ugh, awful.

Please let me know what you think!

Dutch Doors.....LOVE, had one of these in my old home in Los Angeles!

Brass fittings. This was a big UGH for me!

Distinct, and very functional, coffee stations.
Husband would love this....

Remember when sage green was in? 
This green? Leave out! Huge UGH!

Some serious Kitchen compartmentalizing. 
Saw a kitchen something like this buyers loved it!

Bringing the outdoor in, for your bathroom.
I love this. Of course you have to be concerned about privacy.
There is a track in Valencia that one of the models is very similar!

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