Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Am I An Expert?

I've been helping people in & out of homes for 15 years. Am I an EXPERT?

I'm dang good, but there is always something to learn in almost every transaction. And, even the super big dogs, that are selling 600 properties a year say that. If they don't, they're not really working their transactions.

Do I know more than my clients? Of course I do. That's why they hire me. Would you hire a doctor that you knew more than? How about an attorney? One that didn't know as much as you did about the type of law you needed help with? Would you hire either of those?

What about the Realtor that says they know everything? Would you believe them? LOL Please, no one knows everything. But, you sure better hire someone that has some stellar knowledge in Real Estate. And, who is looking out for your best interest, not their paycheck.

This is just a reminder topic. Reminding you that I know a helluva lot more than you do, more than any newbie Realtor that is a friend of yours does. That the discounted agent knows too, they can't afford to know what I know. I know more than most agents, less than several.

Truly the most important thing I do know? Is that when I don't, to be sincere in my lack of knowledge, but to find the answer quickly & report back to you. Honestly, that's one of the most important things for every Realtor to know.

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