Friday, September 25, 2015

What To Do With Those Dreaded Washer/Dryer Areas

One of my associates shared a post about ways to cover/hide your washer & dryer. I've got 2 upcoming listings that have this same issue.....I'll forward this blog post directly to them....or tag them on Facebook maybe!!!

I looked around, yes, I do love the Google, to find a few additional ways based upon the area my clients have mostly.

Some areas are just smaller, new machines stick out a bit further, doors are removed over the years. Or, they just never had a separate space.

But, these, I thought they were lovely. Different ideas, nice looks. What do you think?

I see this one a lot.

I like this different version of the first one.

Oh, yeah, but in a different color for me.

My absolute favorite!

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