Friday, September 18, 2015

Sometimes The Biggest Is NOT The Best

Quantity vs. Quality? There is a reason that phrase was coined.

Personal note blog post. Just sharing.

I met with several different solar companies over the last few years, 2 in particular in the last month. I did a preliminary sign on the dotted line with one of the really big ones. They came out and did their 'site survey' and then sent me the final contract for signature in an e-mail that said simply 'sign here'.

Not review, ask questions, make changes....and then sign here.

Just Sign Here.....

But, I Didn't Just Sign......

This company was all over me in the beginning, 3 different reps contacting me a couple times a week to answer any questions. One in particular I had two phone conversations with and told them I had many questions that I was not comfortable with verbal answers.

I do read contracts for a living after all...verbal Real Estate is no better than verbal Solar purchase.

Could I send you a list of e-mailed questions?, I asked. She said absolutely......that was 2.5 weeks ago. No response at all, no call...well 2 hang-ups from them with no messages this week, but no answer to my e-mailed questions.

My thoughts? They didn't like my questions, could not make the necessary changes to gain my business and they were used to people just signing when sent the message 'sign here'.

So, on a fluke the one young man that I felt very confident in his ability sent me a follow-up. He knew I was planning on going with the big-dog company but his professionalism & follow-up skills made him reach out to me again.

I met with he and his associate yesterday afternoon. He answered all my questions, I read the entire contract, asked 3 more questions....which he immediately answered.....I mean, really, immediately! 

He did mention that I asked more questions than anyone yet. Yes, they were used to people just signing on the dotted line as well. Ah-mazing!

At any rate, I have my site survey scheduled for tomorrow. I've reduced the BIG system the BIG company wanted me to go with. I've had every single questions answered in a timely manner. I've had constant communication.

We'll see what happens after install! But, I'm not really worried....I do have the warranty phone number, e-mail,  & website! 

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