Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bye-Bye Beige?

I just finished reading every bit of info on our market. Stuff from DSN, U.S. Housing/Finance, L.A.Times, Realtor.Org....where I found the best one.

Gray is now getting called the most popular color....well for the last 2 years......for home interiors.

I have preferred the warmer colors for years. But, I'm loving the different (or 50) shades of gray I'm seeing.

Started with a light gray, most recently one of my clients did a very dark gray accent wall.

I'm looking at changing our walls in the near future and flooring and drapes.....it is a snowball effect, right?

So, although I don't think I'd do an entire room the dark one, I'm loving the idea of an accent wall or two. And, since most of my furniture is in the brown tones, I've got to be careful to make sure whatever color I pick blends with my existing furniture....or that snowball is going to get HUGE!!

Which color, or colors do you like best?

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