Friday, September 4, 2015

And Another Client Asks "What Do You Think?"

It happens every day, every time I'm out with a client. Well, once in a blue moon it doesn't. But, my experience and knowledge are so much vaster than the clients, they do ask what I think about one of their very important decisions.

Last night, out with my newlyweds and we are in a section of town they are not familiar with. Gorgeous backyard, Ah-mazing kitchen, pretty good floor plan, some nice upgrades too.

I've taken them almost everywhere in Santa Clarita. A couple of neighborhoods not yet, but I may add those if they fall into their price range.

But last night they asked me the infamous question. "What do you think Lauren?" 

The husband was surprised I hadn't voiced an opinion prior to scheduling the appointment to see this home! He knows me fairly well. We've worked together before.

So, I told them. Not so much my opinion on this one, but my experience. I've been selling homes in and out of Santa Clarita Valley for over a dozen years. I've sold a lot of homes, a lot! And, the majority of my buyers like particular areas better than others.  It's just the way it is.

The area they were looking in is newer, freeway friendly, lots of lovely homes. Not gonna kid you. It's one of the prettiest sections of that part of SCV....and it's not even technically SCV.

And yet still, I had to inform them of my experience.

Now, I tell them, it's a personal choice. But, since I always educate about re-sale, I must share my experiences with them and then allow them to make the final decision.

But, the infamous.....Location, Location, has stuck for a reason. You can always change the home you buy to be more your taste. Add a few upgrades, put in a pool. But, unless you are selling.....that location remains where it is.

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