Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Million Dollar Listing & Coughing Up The Cash

So, yes, I admit it....I do watch Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. I tried New York but didn't care for it.

I absolutely hate Josh Altman, it's all about him. The two guys together are okay. My favorite is Josh Flagg.

But, I tell you the one thing that strikes me as odd? They never offer to give up any of their outrageous commissions to close a deal.  Well, I suppose they don't want that to be seen on national television, maybe.....

Throughout my career I've been selling 85% in Santa Clarita Valley. We range from about 300 to 800 on the average. Josh Flagg? I looked, his sales are averaging 3M.

Most people know, but as a reminder, we split the listing commission charged with the buyers agent. We also split it, in some way, with our broker. Desk fees, franchise fees, transaction fees, error & omission fees......they definitely take a piece of the pie.

That's part of doing business. So, watching their show, they love telling us the commission for the homes they are selling. And, holy crap....it's a lot!

I admit that working with the higher priced listings comes with more drama, more tension, more difficult clients. You're kidding yourself if you don't think so.

But sheesh....it's absurd how much they are earning....absurd!!! But, if I had stayed in W.L.A. to raise my kids instead of coming out to the suburbs of Santa Clarita.....I'd be making those absurd commissions too.

At any rate, back to: do they cough up any of their commission to get the deal done?

Do they turn over any of that hard earned dough?

I am quite curious if they do. I will sometimes. Not all the time, but if we're so close and I want my client happy? I'll cough up a bit to help them get it done. To help them get into the home of the dreams, or to move forward from the sale of their residence.

I am just really curious if someone making $75,000 on a sale would cough some up too!!!

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