Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Who You Should Remodel/Upgrade Your Home For

This is a tough one. So much chatter about what will reward you financially when you sell helps people decide what will reward them while they are still living there!

Kitchens & Bathrooms, those have always been, and will continue to be, the biggest bang for your buck.

Pools, not so much. Unless it's wild over the top and aesthetically pleasing to the masses.

Therein is the key phrase......Aesthetically Pleasing to the Masses........that's the thing people always need to remember when doing a remodel or upgrade to their home. Small or large project. It always matters.

People say to me this will be their forever home. I always say....No, it likely will not. Things change, lifestyles change, change is the only thing we really know is constant.

So, while the green granite may be beautiful for you, I can guarantee you that the masses will not find that appealing.

The purple kitchen cupboards that you painstakingly refinished so you smiled every time you were cooking your family dinner? Yep, not such a good idea for re-sale. 

Paint, decorating accessories, those are quick fixes for your purple passion or green gotta haves. When it comes to kitchen and bath permanent fixtures....talk to someone who sees a ton of homes. Someone that has watched the trends change. Someone that knows what buyers like. Yes, talk to a Realtor.

Why? Because when this home you thought was going to be your forever home goes on the market to sell? You need it to be .......come say it with me......Aesthetically Appealing to the Masses!!!

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