Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One of the Many Things I Love About Santa Clarita Valley!

We have super hot summers. Not even going to kid about that. I grew up 2 miles from the beach and while I loved going to Palm Springs as a teenager and young adult, the heat is annoying at times in Awesometown!

But, we do have lots of Summer fun! Focusing on our music here.

Concerts in the Park! Saturdays. Wow, what a great way to have a picnic and listen to music and dance a bit on the grass in your bare feet. Click Here ~ Concerts in the Park Series 2015!

Valencia Jazz and Blues Concerts are back by the Valencia Hyatt on Town Center Drive! Fridays. No dancing in your bare feet, but definitely dancing, food, cocktails! Click Here ~ Jazz & Blues Concerts Schedule!

Stevenson Ranch also has a Summer Concert Series on Friday evenings. Restaurants all around, maybe a bit of dancing can be squeezed in too! Stevenson Ranch Concert Series Can Be Found Here!

And, trust me, there's even more than this to be had!

Awesometown.......it's pretty awesome!

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