Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Think I May Need An Exorcist!

Sometimes we wonder why houses don't sell. Is there some sort of bad 'juju' on the home? Did a curse get attached to it?

Seriously!! We wonder, every once in a while, why one home just isn't selling.

Shows beautiful, priced well (well now it is), easy for buyers to view. But still, alas, no offer on the property.

Open houses had a massive amount of guests. Showings really picked up after the price adjustment.

Still no offers.

We agents do whatever it takes to get a house sold. Once I buried a St. Joseph, said a prayer, put him in upside down and covered him with dirt. We sold the house.

This one.....I may have to go a little further! LOLOLOL. Just kidding. But, everyday I get up, I say my personal mantra....and now I've added one just for that house!

Go Away Any Bad JuJu & Bring My Sellers A Good Offer Today!

Feel free to chime in with me. About 7am, daily basis. 

I'd appreciate it! 

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