Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Inventory Is Rising, But I Still Need More Homes For Sale

With inventory rising in Santa Clarita Valley, you'd think all my buyers would be squared away, yes? No. We have over 700 homes available for sale and I have a 1/2 dozen buyers we are still looking for.

Why is that you ask? Several different reasons. Budget, desires, needs. All compile the homes that I am searching for.

Are they out there you ask? Not yet. They are not unreasonable. Well, one I just can't find it in the price range. (See earlier blog post from last week!) But, all of my buyers are looking for homes that can be had......if they come on the market. If I can find one from my networking before it comes on the market. If a current buyer cancels and it comes back on the market.

We're in a quandary right now. Interest rates are a moving target, inventory is climbing, buyers are still readily wanting to buy. Sellers are wanting to sell.

It's the magic of putting them together. 

That's the spark of my day.

So, while I've got sellers wanting to sell, 2 coming up that want to sell, I've got buyers that want to buy. I'm creating magic daily. And, I Love It!

PS ~ If you reading this post, knows anyone that wants to sell out here in Awesometown and surrounding communities,.......let me know! Be part of that sparkly magic I speak of!

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