Friday, June 12, 2015

It's Not About Selling Homes, It's About Helping People Fulfill Their Dreams

A young couple I'd been working with for a few months was invited to my home office last night to have a 'chat'. Time to make some changes in our search. Time to have a real sit-down and see where we can go to get them in the home they desire. Well, the home we thought they desired.

I pulled out their original wish list. Talked about how that criteria had changed since we first started. Talked about the market changes. Showed them that what they want just can't seemingly be had at their comfortable price point.

He said he was willing to wait. Save as much money as possible for the right home. I discussed appreciation, interest rate possible changes. He was calmly adamant that he knew he was gambling but wanted to gamble.

We further discussed if he felt that their income was going to change significantly......

That's where I heard about one of his dreams. The desire he had for his family's life. He saw it, felt it, thought it was just slightly outside of his grasp right now. But they shared it with me last night.

A home was definitely one of them, a first child was another. But their was a career that he'd wanted since he was in his teens, if I recall the age correctly. I admit I became a bit emotional, I don't know if they saw it, so I may not remember exactly.

I very firmly told him to follow his dreams. Don't let those go by. He could always buy a house. But those dreams escape us some times if we don't take the steps to fulfill them.

The money they are working on saving towards a home? My suggestion was to go back to school, get the degree he needed, follow his dream. Buy a house later, way later if necessary.

I queried his wife to see that she knew of this, and found that she most definitely did. Found that she would be extremely supportive of this next step. Of course she would, they are a loving couple.

I told them I would certainly keep an eye out for them and let them know if I saw something that was exceptional. But as we hugged good night, I wished in my heart that I never see the right house until this wonderful dream of theirs is accomplished.

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