Friday, June 19, 2015

Changing Your Landscaping Due To Drought in California

Sold a house a couple of years ago, pre-California-drought. Home buyer changed their landscaping to the more Arizona-water-conservation looking front yard. Actually looks really nice.

Another prospective seller asked me what I thought about the removal of turf and putting in drought resistant landscaping. Still another current seller has dirt instead of grass in rear yard due to the drought.

Now, while we are in a drought, a very severe drought, it won't stay this way. Rumors of another El Nino will certainly change the current situation. Or, allowing that little gray fish to .....well, that's another thought that I won't mention in public!

The change in your outdoor landscaping is like a change in your indoor 'landscaping'. It has to be considered what you like but also what a buyer for your home will like.

So, should you call Turf Terminators now? Should you pull up all your grass and put in pretty little rocks with plants that don't need much liquid to survive?

It's a personal choice, of course. BUT, I feel, IMHO that when the drought is over people are going to want their lush, grass filled, yards again. 

We are not in Arizona. We are in California. While we have a lot of browning lawns in our community, they will come back. California style......not desert style.

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