Friday, May 2, 2014

Real Estate Thoughts For Today May 2 2014

I read a ton of articles over the last few days. Even while I'm out camping, I keep reading and reading and reading. I keep checking the MLS, looking at the stats.

Thoughts for today?

We are still in recovery. Better jobs report this week. Better interest rates early in the week. Feds tapering mortgage security purchasing. We don't have quite the inventory my buyers need. Nor do we have quite the buyers my sellers need. Foreclosure starts hovering around 10%. Inventory creeping up.

So, while the last few years of Real Estate, I've been doing this for a dozen already, have been a large challenge for buyers, sellers, lenders, Realtors...we've all had a challenge.....Real Estate comes with daily matter what type of market we are in.

Whether it's the buyer that wants more than he can afford or the seller that wants more for their house than it's worth. Whether we are doing the work for the other agent. Whether the great house we have listed isn't getting any bites. Or the great house we think we found for the buyer doesn't interest them. Today it was the challenge of getting through 201 pages of underlying documents to decipher items on a title report for a client.

Always something new, always something challenging. That's the nature of Real Estate. Ever changing.

'What's the market like?' is the question every one asks when they first meet me. I try not to let them see me roll my eyes upward while I explain the current conditions.

The ever challenging, and changing conditions. 
But, since I love my chosen career, love helping people to understand, I spew the information as it pertains to 'What the market is like'! 

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