Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Best Rate Doesn't Mean Best Service

Perusing my usual sites for all news related to Real Estate in California, Santa Clarita, and everywhere else, I came upon an article about Loan Officers.....questions to ask them before you commit to working with them.

Realtors are frequently asked questions about our experience and knowledge. Our game plan to help a buyer or a seller. What our stats are like. As Realtors, we also get asked about where to get a home loan from.

I have a list of about 1/2 dozen that I would highly recommend. Ones that I've worked with, trust, know they have the experience to get it done.

Any lender can quote a rate that is ridiculously below the norm. But, can they pull it off? Can they get it closed on time? Case in point was when one of my buyers just had to use one of those lenders he found off the internet that was based in Colorado. Great rate, awful service! I've never had to pester a lender nearly as much as him. But, that wasn't the kicker! I kept asking where the heck loan docs were? He said they'd be there on time. Turned out he hadn't done a loan in California! Was expecting that loan docs came day of close! Yikes!

We did get it done, but that was the worst service I've ever seen.....well, I've got more stories that I won't share today. Needless to say I've recently nicknamed a lender 'The Monkey' as it seems like they are just monkeying around instead of getting the job done!

So beware of those low rates offered. 
Decide if it's worth getting what you paid for vs. getting exemplary service!

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