Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Town of New

I love Santa Clarita Valley! Love it's cleanliness, community spirit. Miss the beach, but someday I'll get back there!

One phrase I've coined in the 12 years I've been selling homes out here? 'SCV is The Town of New.' Yep, we love new stuff. Restaurants that open are crazy, busy, when they first unlock their doors. New release movies...lines out the wazoo. Stores in the mall? Gotta check out the new merchandise.

But, my reference is really about homes. Buyers love the new homes we have to offer out here. Just like cars. They love the smell, the amenities, the cleanliness of new homes.

We haven't had a ton of new construction in SCV for a while, but it's coming. I tell ya, it's coming. Google away and you'll see for yourself.

I bring this to your attention as I'm truly confident that in the next few years there will be a ground breaking ceremony for the Newhall Ranch project that was due to start construction in 2008. 20k homes over 20 years encompassing almost 2600 acres. The size of SCV now is where I've heard it's going to equal.

So what does that mean to The Town of New SCV? It means we won't be the newbies anymore! We will likely have a lot of homes for sale as us Santa Claritans go on the search for new again!

Not a crystal ball, just common sense. This is just truly a string around the finger reminder post. That sellers haven't had a ton of competition for your homes. But, when this project breaks ground....you likely will!

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