Friday, May 16, 2014

Mortgage Rates Down?

I can't believe it. Told my husband last night that they were down to 4.125 again. He said that's high! I laughed and laughed.

Really, 4.125? That's fantastic. If rates continue to hover under 5? Please, that's fantastic. What's keeping anyone from buying now?

I just don't know! I've done the calculations before, scoll back some and see if you can find the post. The difference you save buying today vs. buying when the rates creep up!

I've got 1/2 dozen lenders I love, and they can all get you great rates and great service. Then it turns into my job to get you a great home.

There is the challenge, right?? Well, sometimes. Depends on your needs and wants.

Super quickie today ~ MORTGAGE RATES ARE DOWN!! 

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