Friday, May 9, 2014

Older Americans Have More Home Loan Debt

Well, that's kind of a given, right? But why?

Well, I didn't even read the complete article since it's pretty obvious to me as likely to you too!

Any older American, me included, that bought at the height of the market, we're carrying a boat-load of debt!

Americans? We are living longer, working longer, buying homes many more times than our ancestors. Yep, more debt will occur.

I did scan the article enough to notice that it said 30% of older Americans income is spent on housing. Well, that's for younger Americans as well.

Fortunately for us oldies, we are still able to work longer. I'd get bored to tears if I didn't. No, I'm not that close to official retirement age yet! Still got over a decade to go.

So, my point, reason for this post? To note that it's not worth whining over. It is what it is. We put ourselves in this debt for the things (houses) we want. We calculate where the mortgage debt will be when we are ready to retire.

At that point, either we take the boat with us or we sell it to someone else.

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