Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Clients

Most Realtors are always looking for new clients. Of course, so am I. It's part of what I do, look for new.

And, I start with the current clients in my search for new clients. My intention in Real Estate, and in life, is to always treat someone the way I wish to be treated. I try very hard to never stray from that age-old concept.

Current clients are the ones that become past clients. And current clients needs are of utmost importance when they are in my care. So, I return their calls in a timely manner. Do my work, prod them along. Help them complete their goals in home sale or purchase. And, I do it all with the utmost respect and diligence.

"The best compliment I can receive is a referral from you." 

How many agents have we seen put that on the back of their business card?

It is very true though. It is proof that they felt you did the absolute best job for them that they are referring one of their friends or family to you.

But, they can sometimes forget about you a couple years later.....if you are not continuing to do the best job for them by keeping up communication. Letting them know that you still think of them as people. Contacting them to let them know you are still a Realtor. And letting them know anything new about the current market.

Has to be done. All the time. If you want to keep up the stream of New Clients? You have to do the absolute best for current clients....and still remember them when they have turned into past clients.

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