Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Home Seller Anxiety

Atypical I am reading real estate news this morning. I do it every day. Sometimes twice a day. Housing Wire, LA Times, Inman News, MSNBC. I have to keep up on this stuff, don't I?

Today I found a fun one, well for me at least:

All about the woes of a home not selling. The author has a nice sense of humor and I enjoyed her article. She continues on to let the reader know how she handled the sale of her Arizona home. How challenging it was and what she did to finally get it sold.

Reduced The Price !!

Now, she hated that idea in the beginning, and she explains why. Apparently she tried several avenues prior to reducing the price. But, the author determined that the anxiety wasn't worth the money. Smart lady. A little late, but intelligent decision overall.

She Wrote A Book:

And She Writes A Blog Too:

So, for any of my sellers out there reading this, listen to your agent! And, other agents reading this, share with your sellers!

Nice to see, in writing, another clients' woes and what she finally did about it.

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