Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking for the Positive

I was chatting with a past client yesterday morning....a usual routine for me....and we talked about the negativity in our economy right now. Talked about how hard it is for some of us to continue to smile brightly amidst all of the downbeat news everyday.

Reading articles this morning, more of the negative. I kept reading til I found something that made me at least smirk :
(No, this isn't me!)

And, it's the first section of this authors article this morning found in the Money & Company section of the LA Times:

Absolutely amazing isn't it? Citi got bailed out, as did so many, and they now have a huge profit? Well, that's just dandy. I bet they have their Privacy Settings perfect....and I also am betting big bucks that they can still find an airline to fly them first class!

While the rest of us are networking on Facebook to get any profits, we still fly regular cramped class when we fly.....if you can afford to fly anywhere.

But, Mary and I remained positive during our chat yesterday that eventually this economy will get better. We are sure of it! Think positive....while it's hard to do....gotta do it. And, if all else fails...Remember 'Smile Therapy' from Ally McBeal show years ago and just SMILE SMILE SMILE !!

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