Tuesday, September 27, 2016

There Are Always Changes in a Transaction

Always. Just be prepared for it. Well, you can hardly be totally prepared, but know that there will very rarely be a transaction that doesn't have some type of glitch. Or need some type of 'adjustment'.

And, that's when we appreciate that all teams are going for the same goal.

 To get the property closed.

For the buyer to move into their new home & the seller to run off with their check! Frequently the goal doesn't get to easily.

Got one right now. Requires the sale of 2 homes and the purchase of another. One of the sale properties is about to close escrow. Yippee! That was the easiest of the 3 and the agent was slow at returning everything! Well, and our change on that one is just closing late. The purchase is the longest escrow, anticipated to be about 3 months and we'll be just about a week over on that one.

Now, the purchase one accepted our offer as a contingent upon 2 home sales by my buyer. The purchase one did not indicate they were contingent upon buying another property but we have found out that they definitely are purchasing after the sale of their current home.

Property 2 sale escrow is going along fabulous!

And now, comes the 'work through' of everybody closing, 3 lenders getting stuff done. 3 agents getting stuff done, 3 sellers getting stuff done, 3 buyers getting stuff done.

And, each wants their needs put first. Right?

So, I've talked with one lender, and 2 agents. Got a message out for another lender and another agent. All to juggle the closing as smoothly as possible. They have to communicate with their respective clients as well. We have to be aware of loan locks, movers, everyones' schedule!

Wish me luck!!! More coordinating to complete!

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