Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Home Loan Rates ~ September 6, 2016

This information is just from one of the many mortgage brokers who sends me regular messages. Spoiler alert.....it's dependent upon your FICO scores, loan amount, property type, and more!

But, this hit my e-mail this morning....on blog post day....so I am sharing!

And, reminding you to check with a few trusted lenders about how to get the best rate, what your associated costs are, and any lender assistance they are willing to give as well.

Conventional 5 year ARM - 2.875
Conventional 10 year Fixed - 2.750
Conventional 15 year Fixed - 2.750
Conventional 20 year Fixed - 3.125
Conventional 25 year Fixed - 3.375
Conventional 30 year Fixed - 3.375
FHA & VA 30 year Fixed - 2.875
Jumbo 5 year ARM - 2.750
Jumbo 30 year Fixed - 3.750

I am not a risk taker, never have been. These rates are remarkable. We know where they are now, we don't know where they will be later.

So, Now or Later? You decide.

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