Friday, September 16, 2016

Funny How Stuff Changes!

This is just a spew of my thoughts today.

I reach out to my data base, some call it a sphere of influence, every week day. To check in, to say hello, to see how the family is doing, all kinds of things. These are past clients, friends, people I love and adore as well. I love all my peeps, well, almost all of them!

I let them know about new listings, buyers needs, what's happening in my world too!

And, it's weird how it works. I could be working with a bunch of buyers at any given moment. During my contacting of my pals, I'll ask them if they know any Sellers to help my buyers? And, on the flip side, if I'm working with mostly Sellers, I'll ask them if they know anyone looking to buy a home.

Now, this is the weirdest part.......

I could be talking to the A - G section, say mentioning that I am looking for Sellers, right? Someone I know with a last name that starts with R, let's say, out of the blue tells me they want to sell their home. See? I know strange.

So, now? I am on the lookout for buyers! I've got 6 Sellers that I'm working with, but zero Buyers. Totally crazy for me. Usually it's pretty darn 50/50 after all these 14 + years!

Soooooo, if you know anyone considering a home purchase....feel free to give them my info. I'll help in any way I can to get them the home of their dreams.

Yep, that's representing me 'Looking for Buyers'!

Lauren Lefkowitz Greber
Realty Executives Valencia
(661) 313-5470

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