Friday, September 30, 2016

Airbnb.....How Does This Relate to Home Sales?

I read an article this week that said it would affect the housing industry. Yes for rentals, no I don't think so for purchase & sales.

The Airbnb is a rental set-up for anyone that wants to rent to strangers. For a night, a weekend, a month, even just a room in their home.

The Internet has certainly changed the housing industry. Allowing buyers and sellers to see things much more easily. Neighborhoods, taxes, ownership, all sorts of good things. I like this.

But, as always, the Internet doesn't replace the Realtor. And, that my friend, is priceless. Well, I think I am.....priceless that is.

At any rate, will the way Airbnb change the way people rent? Sure, possibly. Until there is some scandal. Will it change the way people buy? No.

We've had FSBO's forever. For Sale By Owner. The percentage of people that try and go it alone is so minimal it's not even worth talking about.

But, a rental is much less valuable than a home for sale. A rental you're talking about a couple thousand. A sale is, obviously, significantly higher in value.

So, Airbnb, have at it with the rental market. Don't even worry a second that it will be part of the resale market!

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