Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sifting Through Multiple Offers - You'd Think It Would Be Fun, Right?

While for some the market has cooled a bit, for one of my listings, it's like it was the only available pool/view home!

Well, it is the only one that is STUNNING!!!

So, over a 48 hour period, we had over 2 dozen agents bring their clients.

And now, I am sifting through offers. Sorting out the details, looking at the lender info, the way the offer is presented, how it's written, what the terms are.

It's never just about price.....never.

While part of me is happy for my Sellers, the other part gets a wee bit annoyed at some of the offer contents. The way they are drafted tells me the kind of escrow we'll be going through.

But, I continue to weed through, make notes about important items.

And, I shall put on a Smiley face when I see my Sellers......oh, 
truth be told, they'll see my annoyed face as well! 

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