Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Story of the Week ~ August 2, 2016 ~ Gratitude!

This week is not about the news, this week is about my gratitude towards other agents. I've worked with some doozy's, some ditso's, some untruthful ones, but I'm so ever grateful for the bunch I'm working with right now.

#SandFire....yes, that caused such a dilemma for one of my escrows last week. Waiting for an appraiser to do a field review that got stuck in the middle of the fire mess.

It was the buyers that are purchasing my clients townhouse. But, because we were waiting on them to release all contingencies, we couldn't release ours on their replacement property purchase.

And, I am thankful here. The agents I've worked with only once before. Can barely remember that transaction, so it must have been pretty simple. I remember the bad ones!

We spoke about several negotiations throughout the process, both admitting that we are just the messengers, no ego arguments at all. But, when it came time to explain to their sellers that we had this delay and to please be patient? They were wonderful. They knew it would be a common problem. Knew that my clients were stuck, but that wanted that sellers property. Knew that the buyers on my peeps townhouse wanted the property as well.

So, I give thanks to all the really GREAT agents out there. The ones that know it's best to save a transaction with motivated buyers/sellers than to start over. To the ones that can communicate with their clients what is in the best interest for all.

Yesterday all contingencies were removed all around and everyone was thrilled! Patience pays off. Two sets of sellers get their home sold in a timely manner, two sets of buyers get their new home in a timely manner. All because we worked together.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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