Friday, August 12, 2016

Leap of Faith? Sometimes I'd Yes, Sometimes I'd Say No.

Real Estate is all about contracts, right? Everyone signs a contract and we're supposed to stick with it, correct? Part of the contract distinctly says 'time is of the essence'....just in case you didn't know.

Negotiations can occur during the process, but that's usually over repairs requested or an appraisal issue. It's not generally over the timelines of the contract. Well, if you need to adjust closing for some reason, yes.

Most important for a Seller? Disclose, and dude, disclose in an extremely timely manner. Trust me on this, you'd rather have the Buyer know about something asap, rather than a couple weeks before close of escrow.

Working with a less experienced agent and they did not provide a Seller report in a timely manner at all. Ran into some snags, yes indeed. Totally understand. But, we are 2 weeks beyond the due date and they were hoping we'd just move forward on a leap of faith.

Um, no, not gonna. Certainly my buyer makes the decision, but my experience is why they hired me. My suggestion was to not take that leap. Leap not taken!

Now, another leap of faith story. Buyer interested in a property. Just hit the market. Comps show that all in same track reduced price before going into escrow. They want to offer 6k less. I think that's okay. Writing offer tomorrow. Today I speak with agent. Says they got a full price offer in but that buyer wanted closing costs. I tell my client....take the leap of faith if you really want it and write full price. What's 6k in the long run right? Leap is going to happen!

You've got to trust your Realtor
 when they say to Leap or not to Leap!

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