Friday, July 29, 2016

Baby Cams & Real Estate

At one of my most recent listings the seller had a baby cam set up. It was for child safety purposes. She did however hear a Realtor ask their client if they had done their morning biz or not as the client was grouchy. Much more descriptive than I've written, but you get the idea.

The client, her friend and I, got a helluva laugh over that one.

Yesterday I was reading an article from about that very same subject.

While they may not be intended to monitor people viewing a home for sale, we agents should be more aware of them. As listing agents, note it in the MLS. As buyers agent, remind your client that there could be one in the home.

Last night went to meet with prospective sellers. Loved them....and super cute house. Can't wait to get them on the market!

We talked about that very same type of thing. Surveillance set-up, for one room in particular. We decided that would be a good idea, and definitely to note it in the agent remarks that one was set up.

People need to know if they are not enjoying complete privacy while viewing a home. It's one of the reasons we ask sellers to leave when buyers are they can truly talk about the home without offending the current homeowner.

But, with all this modern technology......that we've honestly had for years..... it is, however, best to let people know if "I'm Watching You" is in effect!

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