Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Stevenson Ranch, New Home Development Approved

102 homes....on the hills south of Pico Cyn in Stevenson Ranch, California.

They have lots of grading to do. It encompasses over 200 acres of hilly land. I am curious if it will have Mello-Roos, or something like it, or not. Lennar is the developer & it will be right across the street from the elementary school on Pico Cyn. Hopefully they will control the amount of dust and noise during construction.

There is another hillside community there. Not in love with it. Appropriately called Hillside Village. No Mello-Roos on that one. Big HOA that covers kinda nothing....steep hills that a childs' ball would likely be lost down onto Pico Cyn if slipped through fingers at the top of one of the hills. I should do a survey of the homeowners!

At any rate, it's in the works. This new one. Hoping Lennar does a good job with the acreage. That the open space and parks, etc., are lovely. It's going to be a great additional track for commuters.

It was approved last week and there was 10 days for anyone to object. Haven't heard about any objections.

We could use a few more homes out here. Again, preferably with a normal tax base and no additional assessments hidden in.

New Construction....Here It Comes!

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