Friday, August 5, 2016

Drones & Real Estate

We've really just started to see some usage of drones doing aerial photography out here in SCV. One was so busy, felt like it was doing loop-de-loops while it was photographing the home, I actually got a mild motion sickness watching it.

For large properties, I do think it is a great tool to show the entire property before my clients and I even consider physically walking it in our tennies. For properties that are attractive to out of country or out of area buyers, a good drone virtual tour could be vital.

Appraiser usage? Just read an article on about drones and appraisals. While, obviously, the appraiser still has to go view the property, do their research, write the report, it does have some good ways that they too can bring the value on their report in front of the underwriters eyes......if there is any question of that value. Make sense?

Let's say there is more value since part of the property has a river....not just a tinkle of water, but a good river? Great drone op. A new roof? Yep, another. Proximity measuring? Oh, I'm sure that is going to be happening as well.

So, if you haven't already, say hello to the drone future in Real, who has a big piece of property that I can get some sample drone pics done for?

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