Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Story of The Week? Well, Sorta. Mostly an Appreciation Post.

One of my escrows is smooth as silk....well with a little nagging on my part.

The other, pretty smooth, until we had one small glitch that all parties involved worked on for several days to make a huge adjustment happen.

It's escrows like this that make everyone involved realize that we really are all on the same team. We all want the same outcome. One wants their home sold, the other wants to buy the home. The agents, escrow, lenders, all want to do a good job for their respective clients. We all want the home to close escrow and everyone be happy.

Today, we got to the final number. A great number for my peeps, the same, basically, number for the other peeps. Thank goodness for the escrow officer working tirelessly. Thank goodness for my client being a math guy. Thank goodness for me seeing it all on paper and double checking the crossing of the t's and the dotting of the i's!! Thank goodness for the sellers agent educating his client on the process.

No one got their feathers in a ruffle. No boxers in a wad. No panties in a bunch. 
Everyone just did what needed to be done. 
Much appreciated peeps, much appreciated indeed.

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