Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ever Changing

I burst out laughing as I was reading a headline for one of my news feeds this morning. Some may not chuckle in the least. For me, it's just the reminder that Real Estate is never simple nor stagnant.

It's truly every changing!

The Fed rates, changing, not changing, up, down. That was the article I was smirking about this morning.

Will rates go up, will Yellen have them come down. Will the FOMC suggest an increase, will they suggest a decrease?

December they went up, the meeting already in 2016 didn't change anything.

Yellen is sketchy about where rates are going to go. For fear of a recession, concerns about worldwide economy, etc., etc., etc.

What we do know? Rates are AWESOME right now. Inventory stinks, but homes are still to be had.

The Real Estate world is constantly changing, it's your choice if you jump in now or later!

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