Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gorgeous New Ideas For Kitchen Exhaust Hoods

I personally have the traditional microwave over my stove with the stupid exhaust fan that really just pushes it back into the kitchen....supposedly after it's removed the smoke from whatever I've burned.

For those of us desiring the kitchen hood look, and we're all used to the stainless steel ones, take a gander at these:

Wood, yep wood.

Reclaimed wood, yep.

Copper, we've likely seen these too.

Foo-foo style.

My favorite. Clean. Wood. Nice!

I read the article on Houzz, if you don't get a drip from Houzz into your e-mail you're missing out! But, I hadn't thought of a wood hood ever. It definitely changes the dynamic of the kitchen. Probably make for a more Farmhouse kitchen, if you like that look. I've changed my flooring recently and it looks kinda beachy, old wharf-like. Not sure if I chose to remove microwave and put in a hood what would go with that. But, I do like the last one best!

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