Friday, March 4, 2016

Millennials and Their Expectations of Instant Gratification....Related to Buying a Home

Millennials, we're all talking about them.  I read an article earlier today about how difficult it will be to work with them when/ if they decide to buy a house. Why, you ask?

Instant Gratification, It's In Their Make-Up

Well, heck, I'd like everything now too.....if that was possible. I'm a true testament to the lack of patience waiting for the internet to work, having to wait to pay, fast-forwarding through time-consuming commercials to get to the good stuff on TV.

But, buying a home never has, and never will be, an item that happens instantaneously. Never, no way, no how. It just can't happen.

In my mind, this is the way Millenials will learn to slow down, take a breather. They will learn that some things in life just don't happen over night.

Buying a home is one of the biggest steps in the road to adulthood, the path of life. You wouldn't marry someone that you just met that day, right? Well, there is some dumb TV show that they do just that. Seriously doubt any of them are still married.

Some things just take time. Getting ready takes time, finding the home takes time, getting your loan takes time.....hell, moving in takes more time than people expect too!

So, you Mellenials? You who are used to getting things so quickly? I'll help you get in the home of your dreams....but it's not now, nor ever will be, going to happen instantly. Nope, not gonna!

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