Friday, April 1, 2016

Taking Out A New Client Tomorrow.........

A buyer was referred to me by one of my trusted lenders and a past client we both worked with.

Tomorrow is our first day together. I told him we're taking my car so we can chat along the way and get to know more about each other and the process of buying a home with me. Cool beans. Well, he didn't really say that but didn't try and say no either!

Some agents don't drive with their clients, weird I think. If a client is 'getting into bed' with me for a few months, we sure should be able to drive in the same car. AND, it's when a lot of information is provided by and to me. Super important.

First day out I never expect to find the perfect home. It's happened maybe once or twice in my 14 year career but I persuaded the client to look at more homes they could be sure.

I anticipate watching and listening to this new buyer when he views a property, sees the neighborhood, looks at the appliances....not really, they don't pay a ton of attention to the appliances!

But, this first day will tell me a lot. I've got my favorite style of homes, and I know what the majority of the people like when they are buying. I've been told what this new client is looking for as well. However, he's not 100% sure, or we wouldn't be looking a everything from a pool home to a townhouse and properties that fall in between.

There will always be a few gotta haves, a couple of no ways, and several that could go either way. It's my job to climb into bed with the client at night, and come out in the morning with the perfect home for them!

I love what I do!!!

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