Friday, February 26, 2016

Orientation for New Home Construction

Today was a big day for one of my clients. Well, it is for another today as well, but this is just about one for now!

New Home Orientation......what's that?

You'd think it's the day the homeowners learn about how the dishwasher, HVAC, sprinkler, etc., systems work, right? You'd only be partially correct. 

That's also the day where blue painters' tape is used....over, and over again!

I've got clients that are about to close on semi-custom, semi-new construction. The home was almost done until we went into escrow a few weeks ago. Since then additional finish items have been happening.

The thing about new construction? You see stuff that you don't see with re-sale. It's just much more visibly apparent. And, because there is a Fit & Finish guideline.....we get stuff done that a re-sale home seller would tell us to go jump in a lake about!

I had a bad morning so I, unfortunately, was in a helluva mood when I walked up to meet with the builder, his foreman, and my clients. I was ready to be defensive on their behalf. Ready to be Momma-Bear for sure!

Was pleasantly surprised to see that about 95% of my buyers concerns were concerns of the builder as well. Blue tape here, blue tape there. Lots of notes taken by builder, lots of tape attached to the home by his foreman.

Some items will be complete prior to actually taking possession, others when the are moving in.

We thought we were being a bit picky, but we kept our notes regardless. Builder addressed everything on our notes with grace.

A good day today I say.....a good orientation day!

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