Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sooooooo, How Do Your Feel About Wallpaper?

When I lived in West Los Angeles, we remodeled our home and extended our kitchen. Well, we did a helluva lot more, but for this, it's about the kitchen.

I wanted something a bit french country so we put up the most lovely wallpaper with little flowers on vines. Pale of color so as not to be to obnoxious when seen by others. I loved it. Saw some pictures of it recently, and thought OMG!!! What was I thinking? HaHaHa!

When I first moved to Valencia the home we purchased had some wallpaper.....which we painstakingly removed as fast as possible. That and some hideous wood covered walls!

Surprisingly, some wallpaper is making a comeback. I suppose it's always been around, for the right room, in the right house.  For me, no one could pay me to put in wallpaper. But, I've taken it down so maybe that's why I'd never put it up again.

These rooms struck me enough to share with you. Some I liked, some not so much. But, none changed my "heels in the ground" about ever going wallpaper again!

Hope the bathroom was bigger than it looked in this picture!

This one I actually really liked!

Sweet for a childs room, right?

Um, yeah, no. That's a serious yeah, no for me.

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