Friday, April 15, 2016

5k Value For Paid Solar System.....Thoughts?

Met with an appraiser for one of my listings yesterday. These sellers have a leased solar system. No value given at all. We know that. Have to make sure the buyer can qualify for it is the biggest issue we are seeing with Solar Systems on homes for sale.

But, a year or so ago completely owned outright systems were not given much in value either.

So, as Appraiser felt like chatting...most really don't....I asked her if she was giving value to the owned outright systems?

Five thousand. Yep, that's what she said she was adjusting her appraisals for. There just aren't enough like type sales to use for comparison values. She indicated that she kinda estimated a years worth of electric bills and that's where her 5k came from.

So, something to think about when you're considering solar in your home. Right now, the value this appraiser was considering for an owned system......$5,000.00.

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